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StormTeam Outlook: Friday, August 22
Benjamin Dery, Meteorologist

Low Cloud City

It may be a while before we see a solid stretch of sunshine. Abundant low clouds stick around today, and may continue to be a factor heading into the weekend as winds continue to be off the Lake. Areas inland can expect highs well into the 70s today while shoreline communities will be lucky to hit 70.

A few spotty showers and drizzle are possible early on, but nothing widespread. There are hints that we'll see some breaking of the clouds late this afternoon. Our next sunny stretch doesn't arrive until after the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, rain now looks to arrive across our western zones by Saturday afternoon from Brainerd to Grand Rapids to I-Falls. By Sunday, we have a better chance at widespread showers and storms. Sunday will also likely bring a significant temperature spread. Areas near the Lake will have trouble reaching 70 while areas inland could very well be in the mid 80s!

Keep that in mind if you're coming to the air show from out of town. It's going to be much different in Duluth!

Have a great weekend!

Meteorologist Ben Dery

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Benjamin Dery, Meteorologist

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