Dancing With the Northland Stars: Meet the Wolfes

Posted at: 11/04/2013 5:08 PM | Updated at: 11/04/2013 10:49 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

The Wolfes spent most of their married life in California. Mitch, a financial advisor, transferred to his company's Duluth office. Leaving the warm weather behind, Darlene had some of her own plans.

"It was really my decision after moving here from California, I said we have to do something fun and exciting at night. We are not watching TV," explained Darlene.

A year ago, they saw Andrea and Darren, the professionals behind the Superior Ballroom Dance Studio, perform in Duluth. The Wolfes decided it was just the thing to get them out of the house.

"They had one student already, but we signed up right after that as their first couple," said Mitch.

They are now the veteran couple at the studio. Mitch says they've always been athletic, in the winter they enjoy cross-country skiing. Dancing, however, was brand new.

"There were times I just gave up, I just said, 'my head is exploding, I have to stop,'" Mitch said.

But they stuck with it and hit the ground running, or rather, dancing.

"I did a competition right after we started taking lessons...and then we competed at a competition in July," they said.

Next up, they'll perform a tango at the studio's big showcase this month. So it's practice time.

"Our classes are three times a week and we try to practice at home, too," Darlene said.

Half their lesson they split up and dance with the professionals, and the other half the Wolfes dance together.

"I think we have a really nice connection because for one or two hours we have to actually look at each other," explained Darlene.

Mitch and Darlene say spending that extra time in the studio has made their marriage stronger.

"It was always good but it makes you work harder together because it's not just one individual, so your routine has to be both people together," said Mitch,

Now, a year after they started dancing, the Wolfes love to perform. Even if by putting on their dancing shoes, they each get something a little different.

"The applause," said Mitch.

"The clothes!" said Darlene.

Just like ABC's hit Dancing with the Stars, Mitch, Darlene, and a dozen other Superior Ballroom Dance Studio students will perform at the DECC on November 15th. It's the studio's Fall Masquerade and everyone is welcome. To get tickets or for more information go to their website: http://superiorballroomdance.com/.

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