$1 Mil Monument Honors 1920s Duluth Mayor

Posted at: 10/21/2013 5:25 PM | Updated at: 10/21/2013 10:17 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

Past Spirit Mountain on Skyline Parkway you'll find fresh stone work. It looks new, but it dates back to the 1920s.

It's a monument first built in 1927 by a wealthy Duluth couple in honor of their mayor at the time, Samuel Snively.

"He donated money, he donated land, and he built 22 of Skyline's 28 miles that we know today," said Doug Stevens with the Skyline Parkway and Preservation Alliance.

But over decades, Snively's monument became overgrown. Just 10 years ago, Stevens found the monument's remnants.

"We saw something in the woods and it was a rock wall, and we thought let's go investigate it," said Stevens.

Years later they decided to restore it. The City of Duluth applied for a grant, and with federal and state funding in place, crews began on the $1 million project last summer.

Duluth firm, LHB, was awarded the bid.

"This is more of a scenic byway, a rest stop is what it was first built as, so people would come out here. It was more of a place to stop when you're traveling," said Lisa Karlgaard, structural engineer with LHB.

The project took on more than just restoration of the monument, they also wanted to rebuild the Stewart Creek Bridge, first built in 1927, with it's original design. It has a saw-tooth topped railing, and it's the only one like it in Duluth.

With much of the original material, the design team recreated the bridge and monument from old photos.

"I would say we are probably about 98% there from what we can tell," said Karlgaard.

And now, Mayor Snively is honored once again.

"He really did grace Duluth with a beautiful parkway that we can be proud of," said Stevens.

The monument and bridge are located just past 100th Ave. West and Skyline Parkway. The road is still closed just beyond the bridge, after the parking lot.

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