Pony Killed in Cook County Wolf Attack

Posted at: 10/04/2013 9:48 PM | Updated at: 10/04/2013 10:28 PM

A family in Cook County says a wolf went into their barn and killed a pony Friday morning.

The family says they tried to yell at the animal to get it to leave for about 15 minutes, but it entered the barn. The family found their pony lying on the floor afterwards. Other livestock was left alone.

A DNR conservation officer went out to the scene after the family called the report in.

The DNR passed along the following tips to when encountering a wolf:

  • Don't run, and act aggressive towards the wolf
  • Retreat slowly while facing the animal
  • Owners of livestock or pets may shoot and kill wolves which post an immediate threat to their animals, but you must report this to the DNR within 48 hours.
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