Police: 84 Citations Issued on UMD Move-In Weekend

Posted at: 09/04/2013 5:41 PM | Updated at: 09/04/2013 5:43 PM

Move-in weekend at the University of Minnesota-Duluth this year kept police busy. According to the Duluth Police Department, authorities responded to about 53 calls for service all having something to do with college students.

Of those calls, police said 31 were classified as "party calls." The others were disturbances, traffic stops, subject stops, suspicious activity and troubled kid calls.

Between Friday, August 29, through the morning of Monday, September 2, police issued a total 84 citations. They breakdown as follows:

  • 58 Underage Consumption
  • 12 Underage Consumption and Social Host
  • 4 Disturbing the Neighborhood
  • 3 Alcohol Prohibited in Public
  • 2 Arrests for DWI
  • 1 Underage Consumption, Alcohol Prohibited in Public and Fleeing Police on Foot
  • 1 Underage Consumption and Alcohol Prohibited in Public
  • 1 Underage Consumption and Fleeing Police on Foot
  • 1 Urinating in Public
  • 1 Social Host

Police said they have noticed a decrease in the amount of parties, signs and intoxicated people on the first move-in day. They said the parties observed by officers appeared to be smaller in attendance than in past years.

Those hosting the parties seemed to know how to self-police themselves to ensure those in attendance were at least 21 years old, police said.

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