Duluth Family Has Multiple 'Royal' Ties

Posted at: 07/23/2013 6:15 PM | Updated at: 07/23/2013 10:36 PM
By: Laurie Stribling

Every little girl is their daddy's princess, but baby Grace takes the crown.

"Our princess was born the same day that a prince was born," father Jeffrey Rosenthal said.

His more than 7 pound bundle of joy was born at St. Luke's in Duluth the same day news of William and Kate's baby traveled around the world.

"We had found out we were pregnant around the same time that they did," mother Katie Rosenthal said. "We had a lot of friends and family joking it could be the day."

While their daughter shares a birthday with the future King, little Grace isn't the only thing the two couples have in common.

"I was born on the same day as Prince William in 1982," Jeffrey said.

You heard it right, father Jeffrey was born 31 years ago on the same day Princess Diana gave birth.

"The biggest headline of the day actually was Prince Willliam was born," Jeffrey's mother Jackie Rosenthal said.

Jackie said she still can't believe her family struck royal twice.

"Nobody could believe it and they both married Kates," Jackie said. "So, that was the topper."

Yes. two Kates and two identical birthdays. Duluth may just have its very own royal family.

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