New Marina Coming to Twin Ports

Posted at: 07/17/2013 4:56 PM | Updated at: 07/17/2013 6:18 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

For three years, AMI Consulting Engineers has been located at the end of Connor's Point, just below the Blatnik Bridge.

"We go right under the bridge and we can go up the river, you can go to the Superior entry, or the Duluth entry all from one central location," said president, Chad Scott.

It's an ideal location for Scott's marine-based business and he said soon fishermen and other boaters will be able to enjoy it, too.

 At the end of the point, "Connor's Point Cove Marina" will have 40 slips. Scott said it will fit smaller boats, up to 35 feet long.

"We are really looking to cater to the smaller vessels," said Scott. "The smaller boats and the fisherman that wants to fish the river."

The location is also a piece of history. More than 100 years ago the point had a two-story coal dock.

"From a long time ago in the early 1900's it was a coal dock so there is a lot of structure here that we are trying to use as much as possible," said Scott.

During the first phase of expansion they'll use leftover wood cribs still submerged for the base of the breakwater. They'll then build it up with rocks, add a boat launch, and the slips.

Once they finish the first phase Scott said they already have plans to expand the marina. They will pull up the old pilings from the coal dock and extend the marina.

"We will pick away at it for the next few years and hopefully we will see that in about five years," said Scott.

Crews will start working on the marina next week and Scott said boats could be in by Spring.


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