New Video Surfaces of Violent Altercation at GTac Drill Site

Posted at: 07/11/2013 9:05 PM | Updated at: 07/12/2013 4:20 PM
By: Zach Hammer

"You're going to destroy our water... This is our water!" one protestor screams in a new video that surfaced Thursday.
The video, posted to Facebook by Andrea Ladenthin, shows a violent, profanity-laced altercation between protestors and Gogebic Taconite workers at their exploratory drill site in the Penokee Range.
A Stevens Point woman is now facing charges after she allegedly stole worker's cell phone and camera. In the video, a woman is seen wrestling with a G-Tac geologist.  Mining equipment was allegedly damaged by protestors, as well. 
It was this incident that led G-Tac to hire guards, armed with automatic weapons and donning camoflauge. Those guards, from Bulletproof Securities in Arizona, were pulled by G-Tac on Wednesday after they learned the security firm is not licensed in the state of Wisconsin. However, the company expects the guards to be back on the job within a few days once they obtain proper licenses. 
Wisconsin State Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) responded to the video of the protest today with this statement:

"The idiots shown on a you tube [sic] video do not represent the citizens of the North or 99.9999% of the citizens of Wisconsin, who regardless of their view on mining have respect for the rule of law.

Three things are obvious. First, there is clearly evidence that laws were broken during the incident. On Monday, an individual will appear in Iron County Court to face charges for their participation in the incident and the District Attorney has stated more charges may be following.

Second, despite anyone’s view about the obnoxious behavior of the individuals in the video, their actions would have given no cause for this new security force to use their assault weapons in any way.

Since the unfortunate event, thanks to the efforts of local citizens, law enforcement and the company’s previous armed security arrangements there have been zero reports of illegal activity, the site has been safe and the area has remained peaceful.

While the company claims that individuals have harassed their security in the middle of the night they have filed no reports to local law enforcement which has the proper authority to investigate.

The fact that reasonable security has been successful in protecting the site and protecting peace for a month means there is no justification on July 4th to hire this out of state firm. However, if Gogebic believes that more security is necessary the public has a right to question why the company won’t hire a Wisconsin security firm that employs Wisconsin residents who are qualified to do the job."

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