Kansas Volunteers Help Flood Victims

Posted at: 07/11/2013 4:15 PM | Updated at: 07/11/2013 6:22 PM

They came from hundreds of miles away. And they are an unusually large group.

90 people from four Lutheran churches in the Kansas City area traveled up to help make repairs on flood damaged homes.

Lutheran Social Services is coordinating the efforts all week. Work has been done in Cloquet, Esko, Moose Lake, Proctor, Sturgeon Lake, and Barnum.

Homeowners like Kathy Aho are eternally grateful for the help. "I get emotional when I talk about this," she said through tears. "It's wonderful."

Her Moose Lake home suffered major damage during the flooding last year. She's had to take out an SBA loan to fix her basement. Her son was going to finish up some of the other work that's left. But the young folks from Kansas took care of it instead.

We spoke to some of them.

"I'm honored to be here, to help people who need it," said Zach Ruschill.

"It's fun meeting all kinds of personalities, and making new friends. It's also great seeing the looks on people's faces when we finish. It makes you feel good inside," explained Ashley Hemphill.

And Adam Skelley said, "I felt the need to get out somewhere new, besides Kansas City, and help here."

The group has liked the Northland so far. They got to swim on Park Point after their volunteer hours. They range from sophomores to just graduated seniors.

Lutheran Social Services said they are looking for local help too. Skilled contractors are always welcome, but all you really need is an eager hand and an eager heart.

To help, you can contact them at: Lutheran Social Services: 218-206-9882



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