Fire Safety Rules at Vehicle Day

Posted at: 06/13/2013 5:48 PM | Updated at: 06/13/2013 6:31 PM

Over 50 unique vehicles filled the parking lot at Miller Hill Mall on Thursday, but a mock kitchen fire stole the show at the first Vehicle Day.

Kids climbed in the driver's seat of everything from rescue vehicles to heavy construction rigs, and, of course, the horns did blaze.

Local law enforcement and big rig businesses brought over 50 vehicles to the show, but a small trailer from the Duluth Fire Department drew the biggest crowd.

Jaws dropped as plume of flames consumed the trailer in a staged kitchen fire. Firefighters demonstrated just how dangerous it can be to add water to a grease fire, and Gordon Linn of Duluth was in the crowd.

“It was a very good demonstration. It was quite eye opening watching the crowd when he poured the water on the grease fire. Everybody goes 'aaaahhh' and (my daughter) goes 'ooowww',” Linn said.

Fire Marshal Marnie Grondahl said the visual display can educate people in a dramatic way about the leading cause of house fires.

“When people see this they can walk away and realize what to do if they had a grease fire and what not to do if they had a grease fire,” Grondahl said.

She said people often panic and spread the fire by moving the flaming pan, but there is a simple way to avoid that.

“Putting a lid over it and turning the burner off is the best way to put it out. And then just let that pot sit. Let it cool down before you do anything with it,” Grondahl said.

Parents and kids got a show at Vehicle Day that could save them in the future. This was the first Vehicle Day held at the mall, and a mall spokesperson said they hope it will grow next year and beyond.

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