St. Louis County Attorney Report for 2012

Posted at: 06/13/2013 4:10 PM | Updated at: 06/13/2013 5:48 PM

The St. Louis County Attorney released the office's 2012 report.

According to the stats, adult felonies are up 17%. County Attorney Mark Rubin said that drug use, like methamphetamine and synthetics, are partly a reason. Also, he said, it's about the quality of the work of the justice system.

"Our numbers are increasing. But law enforcement are also solving more cases. And we are declining fewer cases, being more aggressive," he explained.

Another area that's experiencing higher numbers if the Public Health and Human Services division. Pat Shaffer is the division head, and shares her thoughts.

"It has been busier, and the cases seem more difficult. We have had higher child protection petitions filed, which are court interventions to keep children safe," she said. "Synthetics are also affecting our case load. Whether it's child protection of civil commitments. One particularly egregious case was when a man did permanent damage to his eye while on synthetics."

Her division also oversees juvenile cases. "Overall, juvenile delinquency cases are down. But the crimes being committed are more violent," she added.

Rubin said they are bracing for more crime, now that the weather is getting warmer. But on a positive note, they are also focusing on better domestic violence response and protecting the elderly from crimes.

The civil division was very busy in 2012. They had the unanticipated workload of 125 projects related to flood damage. The projects require contracts and agreements, which paved the way for millions of dollars worth of repairs, at places like Jean Duluth and Haines Road.

The report is available online:  

And also at the entrances of the courthouses in Virginia, Hibbing, and Duluth.


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