Duluth Goes Berserk

Posted at: 05/26/2013 8:50 PM | Updated at: 05/26/2013 10:52 PM

The DECC went berserk this weekend as fans of video games, card games and role-playing games came together.

A gaming convention called Berserkon brought gamers of all varieties out to celebrate their common hobbies, and introduce one another to new ones. There were games to play, vendors to buy from, and even a simulated starship bridge where you could become a member of the Star Trek crew.

"We have a really great community of gamers here in Duluth," said Berserkon organizer Kevin Mickelson. "I have a hard time overstating that. I wanted to do something really special and fun that would bring the community together. And I also hoped that it would bring new blood into the gaming community."

Andrew Goenner, owner of Geek World Online, attended the convention. He is currently raising money through Kickstarter to develop his own table-top role playing game.

"This is my first foray into attempting to be an independent role playing game designer and publisher," Goenner said. "And Berserkon has just been a fantastic way for me to come and promote my own Kickstarter, as well as get involved with a lot of other local gamers."

Berserkon itself was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised almost $15,000 to bring the convention here.

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