April 2013: Duluth's Snowiest Month on Record

Posted at: 04/23/2013 4:21 PM | Updated at: 04/23/2013 5:35 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

This April in Duluth is record-breaking. With a fresh 8.2" of snow Monday, April 2013 will now go down in history as the snowiest month on record in Duluth.

At a monthly total of 50.2 inches this April edges out the previous record of 50.1 inches set back in November 1991.

The 1991 "Halloween Megastorm" brought the most snow many people had ever seen.

"Our school was closed for the first time in my entire school history and it was Halloween," said Tanya Decent of Superior.

Jim Robb from Two Harbors said he never thought he'd see that much snow again. He added the new record is even more surprising after last year's mild winter.

"People are usually golfing, getting the boats all ready," said Robb. "Opener is right around the corner, but will there be ice on the lakes?"

Only 44 inches of snow fell throughout the winter last year. That mild winter put golfers on the green and people on the beach by mid-March.



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