More Than Just a Funnyman: The Incomparable Acting Range of Robin Williams

Created: 08/14/2014 11:46 AM
By: Reelz Channel

With the passing of Robin Williams, we've all been looking back at the times he made us laugh, but Williams also had the ability to make us cry, make us hope, and even to completely creep us out. In honor of this versatile actor's remarkable legacy, we're taking a look at his range and the diversity of roles which he played. For more on his life and career, be sure to watch REELZ Friday, August 15th at 8p ET/ 9p PT for Robin Williams Remembered followed by Robin Williams ScreenLife. Check schedule for more chances to watch.

Good Morning, Vietnam

In this Oscar-nominated role, Williams brought rock and roll, humor, and good mornings to demoralized soldiers.

One Hour Photo

He's a funny guy, but Robin Williams also proved that he could bring the creepy with his work in One Hour Photo.


For anyone who wasn't sufficiently creeped out by One Hour Photo, Williams is a cold-blooded murder in the action-thrillerInsomnia.

The Birdcage

In The Birdcage William proved he could flip back and forth between a flamboyant, over-the-top Miami club owner and a sedate, run-of-the-mill family man with ease.

Good Will Hunting

In his Oscar-winning turn as a psychiatrist, Robin William proved that not only could he be intense and powerful, he proved that a Midwestern boy could drop his "R"s just like someone born and raised in Dorchester, Mass.

What Dreams May Come

For some, playing a love-lorn dead man, who leaves the world of his dreams to spend more time with his lady would be a pretty tall order. Robin Williams pulled it off expertly.


Though Williams proved time and time again, that he could play smaller, extremely intense roles, he's still best known for his hilarious, bigger-than-life characters. Aladdin's genie was certainly the biggest character of them all, and nobody could have brought him to life like Robin Williams.

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