Local Author Marie Zhuikov Writes Duluth-Based Novel: "Plover Landing"

Updated: 08/04/2014 8:57 AM
Created: 08/04/2014 8:47 AM

Park Point, Canal Park, and the Hillside in Duluth provide the settings for “Plover Landing,” a new novel by Duluth author Marie Zhuikov.

Like its prequel, “Eye of the Wolf,” Zhuikov’s latest ecological mystical romance features an endangered species, Native American mythology, and strong human connections.

The endangered animal in “Plover Landing,” is the piping plover, a shorebird that hasn’t nested in Duluth-Superior in almost 30 years. Piping plovers are the subject of recovery projects on Lake Superior and across the country.

In crafting the story, Zhuikov, who makes her living as a science writer, used knowledge gained while working on a local piping plover project, combined with insights into Duluth acquired as a lifelong resident.

Locals and tourists can relate to the mythical Park Point Tunnel, getting “bridged,” and Zhuikov’s descriptions of the Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra. “Plover Landing” is published by North Star Press.


This sequel to “Eye of the Wolf” finds Melora St. James working in 1995 to restore the piping plover, an endangered shorebird, to Lake Superior. When her former boyfriend Drew shows up, and they find a mysterious boy lost on the beach, the story takes a surprising turn. In helping the boy, Melora and Drew learn secrets about themselves, building community, and coming to terms with the past.


“Plover Landing is a story of the passion, frustration, and the importance of local activism. Collective action starts with emotional commitment by individuals. That’s the basis for effective advocacy and in this case, the basis for a compelling story.” – Mayor Don Ness

“This story captures the struggle for survival of the critically endangered piping plover on the shores of Lake Superior with a thread of romance and unique perspectives. Zhuikov creates a captivating blend of true environmental concerns and mystical connections, swooping in and out of the characters’ own human bounds into the ethereal. The outcome can change at any given time and gives you a glimmer of hope and vision for the future!” – Kris Eilers, Piping Plover Project Coordinator, St. Louis River AllianceSynopsis:

"Plover Landing" is available online for $14.95 through and local bookstores.

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