Double Gun Side X Side Classic

Updated: 07/23/2014 11:31 PM
Created: 07/23/2014 10:51 PM
By: Alec Ausmus

Duluth, Minn. -  For eleven years and counting the shooters keep coming back for the Double Gun Side X Side Classic at the Old Vermilion Trail Hunting Preserve. This year's event was July 18th to the 20th.

"What this is is an event that is strictly for side by side shotguns, the old shotguns. You'll see shotguns made in the 1870's to brand new ones and what decided to do was have a sporting clay event that was limited to side by side shotguns because for whatever reason, they are harder to shoot," says Mike Koranda, the Event Co-Coordinator.

They come from all over the country, set up camp and are ready to take a shot.

"They are works of are and functional that you can use and this one of the few places around that you can use them for," says Eric Bellamy of Fort Worth, Texas.

"I met some of the guys from here at another shoot in Pennsylvania and we got to know each other and they were telling us about this shoot," says John Dotson of Carbondale, Illinois.

There are three events,12 stations and over 19,000 targets that the shooters go through over a three-day stretch.

"Rather than just adding up all the birds that somebody hits, there are 130 of them, rather than doing that. We split each of the events and then determine who is high overall, we add up what place that got in each event and whoever has the least number of points wins," says Koranda.

The event is going on eleven years, but some of these guns are over a century old.

"It is a Stephen Grant, built in London in 1884 and I wouldn't part with it for less than $25,000," says Dotson.

The main event involves a series of stations with sporting clay, a favorite is the pigeon ring and the shooters not only have to hit the target, but the a ribbon attached to the clay pigeon has to land inside the ring.

"What it does is allow people to maybe fall a little bit, but they aren't behind by ten birds, they are only behind by one and they get second instead of first, so it has worked out really good," says Koranda.

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