Clowning Around at the Rodeo

Updated: 07/16/2014 10:51 PM
Created: 07/16/2014 3:03 PM

In the hot summer days it's not a ball game or a camp fire that reminds people of Spooner, but a rodeo.

"we have been a family event going on 61 years this year." Mark Schultz a rodeo offical said.

It's the Spooner Rodeo in northwest Wisconsin. This summer tradition bringsin some of the best barrel racers, steer wrestlers and hog tiers in the country, and also one of the best clowns. Rodeo Clown Gizmo mccracken says "we are the original extreme sport, we washere long before they had skate-boards and motorcycles." As you might expect as a rodeo clown he wears face paint, has a bright nose and sports more colors then a rainbow.

"that is what the baggy clothes and the fringe and bandannas does, it makes it look like you made a lot bigger move then you actually did. if you can get that bull to change his lead up a little bit, that can give you the little bit of room you need to get away." McCracken said.

Gizmo is a pure entertainer. he interacts with kids, slings the lasso with the best and turns the dirt ring into a theatrical performance. Steer wrestler and a friend of McCracken, Keith Ball said "if there is a hang up somewhere, or we just need time for somebody to get ready, Gizmo comes in and saves the day, and fills in the time, tells a joke or does an act, he does a good job."

When if comes to living with a rodeo clown, Gizmo's wife Janice added "never a dull moment. I can put it that way. If it's something serious going on you know it, but most of the time he makes a joke out of everything. Wakes up making jokes, and goes to bed making jokes." With the jokes aside, most are at a rodeo to compete to win and gizmo is front and center to see it all and help people enjoy the moment. McCracken also said, " there is a lot of stuff going on in the world today that isn't all that much to be happy about. Comedy is making fun of something, somebody, we need to learn to laugh at ourselves a little bit more and I think we would get along a lot better. "

Summer fun with cowboys and cow girls and one guy who loves to clown around.

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