Ultimate Frisbee Growing at Park Point

Updated: 07/09/2014 10:49 PM
Created: 07/09/2014 3:57 PM

It's a combination of several different sports that revolves around flinging a piece of plastic. This growing activity that started four years ago is a sport that anybody can play.

It's a sport where you run, jump chase and let it fly that is growing in popularity.

"It started four years ago, a couple buddies and I just came down here to toss a disk around and invited some other people down, and it just grew. we have anywhere from ten to forty people on a team." Matt Niereugarten one of the event creators said.

It's called Ultimate Frisbee and it's similar to football. You have two teams that aim for an end-zone, except there isn't a football but a disk spinning through the air.

"Once you catch the frisbee, you can't move, you have to keep passing it to your teammates until you basically get a touchdown or you score a point in the end-zone." Caleb Sorvik a weekly regular player said. "So the whole game is based around team work. As soon as you get it to a friend, they can't move so they have to throw it. So it really revolves around bringing people together."

They play at Park Point and over the years have expanded. word has spread through social media sites and word of mouth and curiosity.

Nieregarten said "A lot of cool people reaching out to their friends who throw their disk around, we meet people down here, and they are like ' hey can we join in?' "

Sorvik added, "friends inviting friends. We've had a lot of people actually who have been here playing volleyball over on the courts just come over and ask us if they can play and of course every one is welcome. "

The popularity attracts the likes of many. Including some that play competitively.

Jacob Anderson a college club league player said "come down tuesday night, we get here at six. you get to meet people and learn how to play. Throw a frisbee if you want to learn how to throw. it's repetitious. I would go to afield and throw to myself."

It's a fast paced game with nice throws and big catches but where does the title "Ultimate Frisbee" come from?

"I feel like a bad ultimate frisbee player, not knowing it." said Nieregarten. Anderson said " I have no clue either." Followed by Sorvik, " i have no idea. i don't know either." Anderson ended with, "I read the history once, but I don't remember it at all."

Regardless of if you know the history of the game, doesn't mean you can't play it, and have a blast.

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