Best of Bayfield County Winners Announced

Updated: 07/07/2014 5:20 PM
Created: 07/07/2014 3:28 PM

After 12 days of voting, the Best of Bayfield County contest has wrapped up with more than 30 winners.

Voting for the contest opened June 23 and closed July 4.

The Bayfield County Tourism organized the contest.

Here are the results of the 2014 Best of Bayfield Contest:

  • Best Burger: 1st place- Patsy’s Bar and Grill,  Runner up- Maggie’s
  • Best Pizza: 1st place- Dalou’s Bistro, Runner up- Hugo’s Pizza
  • Best Ice Cream: 1st place- The Candy Shoppe, Runner up- Tetzner’s Dairy
  • Best Coffee: 1st place- Big Water Coffee Roasters, Runner up- North Coast Coffee
  • Best Fish Fry: 1st place- The Pier Plaza, Runner up- Patsy’s Bar and Grill
  • Best Casual Dining: 1st place- Maggie’s, Runner up- Café Coco
  • Best Fine Dining: 1st place-Wild Rice, Runner up-Good Thyme
  • Best Marina: 1st place -Washburn Marina, Runner up- Apostle Island Marina
  • Best Guided Tour: 1st place- Apostle Islands Cruises, Runner up- Bayfield Ghost Walk
  • Best Waterfall: 1st place- Houghton Falls, Runner up- Siskiwit Falls
  • Best Museum or Historical Site: 1st place- Washburn Museum, Runner up-Cable Natural History
  • Best Golf Course: 1st place- Apostle Highlands Golf Course, Runner up- Lake Superior View Golf Course
  • Best Beach: 1st place- Bayview/Friendly Valley Beach, Runner up-Cornucopia Beach
  • Best Picnic Spot: 1st place- Thompson’s West End Park, Runner up-Memorial Park
  • Best Orchard or Farm: 1st place- Erickson’s Orchard and Country Store, Runner up-Hauser’s Superior View Farm
  • Best Lodging: 1st place- Old Rittenhouse Inn, Runner up- The Bayfield Inn
  • Best Campground: Tie - Top O’ the Mourn Resort and Campground Memorial Park
  • Best Fishing Spot: “Lake Superior” was the most common response - no one wanted to give away their secret fishing holes!
  • Best Music Venue: 1st place- Big Top Chautauqua
  • Best Mountain Biking: 1st place- CAMBA Runner, up- Mt. Valhalla Recreation Area
  • Best Road Biking: 1st place-County C, Runner up- Brink Roads NF 236
  • Best Hiking Trail: 1st place-Houghton Falls, Runner up- North Country Trail
  • Best Nordic Ski Trail: 1st place- Mount Ashwabay, Runner up- Mt. Valhalla Recreation Area
  • Best ATV Trail: 1st place-Tri County Corridor, Runner up-Mt. Valhalla Recreation Area
  • Best Snowmobile Trail: 1st place-Tri County Corridor, Runner up-Mt. Valhalla Recreation Area
  • Best Souvenir Shop: 1st place-Stone’s Throw, Runner up-Sweet Sailing
  • Best Art Gallery: 1st place-Karlyn’s Art Gallery, Runner up- Stone’s Throw
  • Best View: 1st place-Top of Mount Ashwabay, Runner up-Apostle Highlands Golf Course
  • Best Bakery: 1st place- Café Coco, Runner up- The Candy Shoppe
  • Best Fresh/Smoked Fish: 1st place- Bodin’s Resort, Runner up- Halvorson Fisheries
  • Best Festival/Event: 1st place- Bayfield Apple Festival, Runner up – Blueberry Festival
  • Favorite Anything: the most popular response was “the friendly people” followed by “the beauty of the area.”

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