Rolling Ruts

Updated: 07/02/2014 11:03 PM
Created: 07/02/2014 11:01 PM
By: Eyewitness Sports

Fredenberg Township, Minn. - Vern and Ilene Anderson didn't build a baseball diamond, but they did build a golf course where tee times aren't needed and you might even use a mulligan after hitting a mannequin.

You could say it has plenty of character. "We kind of made a driving range straight out to start with and it kind of grew from there," says Rolling Ruts co-owner Vern Anderson.

It has all of the amenities. There is a grounds crew, a club house and even extra clubs to use which with a round won't cost you a dime.

"I have a son-in-law that said 'you should charge something for people to golf.' But, it is not a business, we're not around here all of the time," says Anderson.

It is an old hay field converted into nine holes with a name that fits it well.

"Somebody asked me if we had a name for it? I said i don't know, Rolling Ruts, it is bumpy out here," says Anderson.

on Hole 7, Vern has refreshments. For just 50-cents, a cool beverage can be yours. There is a guest book and a donating opportunity, then you are ready hit the course. "Money in the box," says co-owner Ilene Anderson.

For a course deep in the woods, it has attracted golfers from all over. "Japan...and Tiger Woods has been here and Mickey Mouse has been in the guest book before. We didn't see them, but their names are in there," says Vern Anderson.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner on this course, you may find yourself at the corner of Hollywood and Vine or sinking a putt.

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