Duluth Harbor Ice Fishing

Updated: 01/01/2014 10:31 PM
Created: 12/31/2013 5:16 PM
By: Laura Kennedy

This late December freeze has put a chill in the air and built up more than a foot of ice in the Duluth harbor.

Fishing buddies Eric Budisalovich and Seth Fromberg bundled up and dropped a line on New Years Eve. They say the bitter cold could never keep them away.

"It doesn't bother me," Fromberg said. "Minnesota raised, you know, we like to do this kind of stuff. The colder the weather, the more true Minnesotans you find out here. You get to talk fishing stories."

But it was a good motivator to set up their ice house quickly.

"I'm actually a little bit cold, but I'm gonna make it through it and be a diehard and fish," Budisalovich said. "This is my first time fishing out here so it's a whole new thing. I usually fish on the small lakes up north, but I enjoy this definitely."

The pair has already landed a few fish this holiday week.

"The other day I got a sturgeon, and last night we were out here for a little while and got four walleyes and a nice big perch," Fromberg said.

Fromberg says compared to other local spots, the harbor ice is in good shape.

"There's no slush out here," he said. "After that big snow we had, the inland lakes were pretty much unfishable."

No matter where you're fishing., when it's this cold make sure you have a working heater and some other essentials.

"Always bring an extra pair of gloves and keep them dry," Fromberg said. "Once your fingers get wet and you put them inside your gloves twice or three times, they'll never keep your hands warm."

And your most important tools may not be things you can toss in a sled.

"Always fish with confidence," Fromberg said.

"Just be patient, to be here out in the cold and just have fun," Budisalovich said.

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