Animal Allies: Fanishia

Created: 10/10/2013 8:06 AM

"She has a short's kind of curled," said Jennie as she introduced us to Fanishia! Fanishia is a friendly cat who likes to wag her stubby tail. Jennie said they think that her short tail was caused by an accident. 

"She's very calm, cool and collected," Brittany said, and she's definitely right. Fanishia is a sweet can, just 4 years old. She has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.

There is still one weeks left of the Animal Allies raffle that has been going on all summer, in anticipation of the "Fur Ball" on October 19th. The raffle tickets are $5 each and you can pick them up at their Duluth or Superior location. All proceeds go towards taking care of the Animal Allies animals. Prizes include a $1,000 gift certificate to Gun Flint Lodge.

Once again, you can adopt Fanishia at Animal Allies in Duluth. You can check their website for more information or their Facebook too.

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