Officer-involved Shooting in Gordon Ruled Justified

Posted at: 09/19/2013 10:46 PM | Updated at: 09/20/2013 10:59 AM
By: Zach Hammer

An officer-involved shooting in Gordon, Wis. has been ruled justified, as the Douglas County District Attorney says the officer acted in self-defense.
Lt. Chris Hoyt shot and killed 21-year-old Andrew Closson on New Year's Day along Highway 53 in Gordon.
According to police, Lt. Hoyt shot Closson after the suspect aimed a rifle at him. Before the shooting, Closson had allegedly been part of a domestic disturbance at a home. Deputies found Closson shortly after, hitchhiking along the highway. 
In a statement, Douglas County D.A. Dan Blank said that Hoyt "was justified in using deadly force against Mr. Andrew Closson under the circumstances. He was faced with a deadly threat and responded reasonably in a manner consistent with his law enforcement training."
Blank also said in the statement that the case is now considered closed, and there will be no charges filed against Hoyt.

To read the D.A.'s full report, click here.

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