Duluth Bass Club

Created: 06/20/2013 1:01 AM
By: Dan Williamson

Duluth, Minn. - On a recent Thursday evening, the water's of the St. Louis River served as the arena for anglers in the Duluth Bass Club. Their mission: growing the sport of bass fishing by getting bass anglers together and fishing.

"There are 70 some bass clubs, I think, in Minnesota. Up here, there are not a whole lot, just a couple in the area, but not a whole lot," says Doug Pirila, President of the Duluth Bass Club.

"I was actually one of the ones who started the local bass club here. There wasn't a bass club before and we started it up and I was surprised by the number of the bass anglers that we had out and it just took off from there and it is still going," says Ouitdee Carson, a member of the Duluth Bass Club.

Anybody can join and if you've got the skills and the bait, there is an evening series on selected Thursdays and a more competitive series on selected weekends. "(We) make sure everyone gets a chance to learn different waters, like the river or reservoirs because rivers are 'smallys' and reservoirs are 'smallys' and we go to others, because (Lake) Vermillion has large mouth and small mouth bass and Pokegama (Lake) in Grand Rapids has large mouth and small mouth," says Pirila.

Opportunity awaits in the form of possibly competing in the Minnesota Bass Federation Tournament of Champions. The Duluth Bass Club hosted the tournament in 2012.

"Some of our people are in the Bassmasters and some aren't, so you can have the choice if you want to qualify for the state tournament of champions or if you just want to fish the local side," says Pirila

"I think it (Duluth Bass Club) is very unique. It just shows you that the bass fishing itself around this area is starting to pick up and this just gives it away for a lot of these guys and gals to come together and share their passion for fishing just for bass," says Carson.

For more information about the Duluth Bass Club, click here.

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