Superior Mayor Proposes Trash Fees to Fund Landfill

Posted at: 06/10/2013 10:46 PM | Updated at: 06/10/2013 10:47 PM
By: Alan Hoglund

Superior's mayor wants to charge residents a fee to get rid of trash.

In a news conference Monday morning Mayor Bruce Hagen said the Mocassin Mike Landfill is no longer sustainable. He said the city gave the landfill $1 million in 2012 to keep it up and running and said the cost is growing.

Hagen said if nothing is done the landfill will end up competing with the police department as the highest cost to the city. To prevent it he proposed charging residents $20 per month, per trash can.

"It guarantees cost-effective operations of the collection system and landfill for decades to come. It provides for the same or better services than we enjoy today,” Hagen said.

He wants residents to weigh in on the proposal.

There will be public information hearings at the Superior Public Library in the coming weeks ahead of a council vote in mid-July.

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