11 Republicans Have Problems with Leaders' Budget

Posted at: 05/30/2013 3:43 PM | Updated at: 05/30/2013 3:44 PM


MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Eleven Republican members of the state Assembly are outlining problems they have with the state budget as it currently stands.

The lawmakers sent a letter to Republican leaders on Thursday.

The Republicans who sent the letter say they want the budget to include a massive income tax cut proposal unveiled earlier this week, a removal of a requirement that DNA be taken from suspects upon arrest, and a $500 million cut in bonding.

Those who signed the letter say, "We agree as a group that we cannot both represent our constituents and our conservative principles by supporting the budget in its current form."

There are 60 Republicans in the Assembly. If those 11 opposed the budget, Republicans wouldn't have enough votes to pass it given uniform Democratic opposition.

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