Chicago Violence: One Boy's View

Posted at: 01/01/2013 7:00 AM

"I think about my safety every day. Because I don't know if I'm going to get shot one day."

Those are the words of a 12-year-old after a violent year in Chicago.  The boy's guardian and school allowed the interview on the condition that they not be identified.

"When I come to school, it tells me, like, you're safe here. You're not into trouble in here. Even though you get into trouble in school with your friends and stuff or with kids from other classes, and like, my teachers tell me, 'The people that are in your class, it's your family,'" he said.

"Every morning, we do this thing called 'peace circle.' It's like a place where you get all your anger out. It's like I have some type of knot tied in me and when I let it go, it just, it unties and I'm just throwing stuff out there and throwing stuff out there, and that's when the knots gone. I stop because I don't have nothing else to say."

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