Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes: Larger iPhone Screens, Facebook "Save" Feature

The Wall Street Journal says Apple has ordered 70 to 80 million larger screens for the next version of its phone. That's significantly more than the initial order for the last iPhone.  Facebook has a new feature to help you keep up with your Newsfeed. "Save" lets you store links to places, events or media, so you can go back to them later. 

  • Tech Bytes: Microsoft Layoffs, Amazon Kindle Unlimited

    Several reports say as many as 12,000 employees will be laid off from Microsoft, maybe as early as today. The new Microsoft CEO has promised to make the company more efficient and competitive. Amazon is reportedly considering an all-you-can-read subscription service.

  • Tech Bytes: Nokia Lumia Smartphone, Leap TV Console

    Nokia has begun rolling out Windows Phone 8.1 to Lumia Smartphones. The software update includes Cortana, which is Microsoft's highly anticipated new digital assistant. There's a new gaming console  for young kids. Leap TV plugs right into the user's television and comes with both a hand-held controller and a motion-sensing camera.

  • Tech Bytes: Apple iWatch, Identity Theft Risk Rising

    Apple may have another hit, even before it is officially announced. A Morgan Stanley analyst expects Apple to sell 30 to 60 million of the iWatch in the first year, at $300 each. A report out today suggests we are all increasingly at risk for identity theft. It's growing at an exponential rate.

  • Tech Bytes: Flexible TV Screen, Drone Photo Contest

    You may soon be able to roll up your high definition TV screen, and carry it with you. LG has developed a new flexible display, which it says can be converted into a cylinder measuring less than two and a half inches in diameter. And a new contest for images of the world seen by a drone. First prize to this shot of an eagle flying over an Indonesian national park.

  • Tech Bytes: Amazon Under Fire, Give Up Facebook?

    Amazon is under fire from the FTC. The online retailer is being accused of allowing kids to rack up millions of dollars worth of in-app purchases, without their parents' consent. Could you give up Facebook for 99 days? Researchers in the Netherlands are encouraging people to do just that, in an effort to see if the "unplugged" life is a happier life.

  • Tech Bytes: Virtual Reality Headset, Cell Phone Germs

    Samsung is expected to unveil a new virtual reality headset this fall. It will reportedly contain oculus-based software, and work with Samsung Smartphones.  Your cell phone may be making you sick, by spreading germs. Researchers say some phones are even dirtier than toilet seats.

  • Tech Bytes: Universal Internet, Toothbrush App

    In today's tech bytes, universal internet. Mark Zuckerberg says everyone should have access to the internet. 90 percent of us already live within range of a cellular network. The Oral B Electric Toothbrush uses Bluetooth to connect to a phone app that keeps track of where you brush and for how long. 

  • Tech Bytes: Tablets Topping PCs, Virtual Cruise Ship Tour

    In today's tech bytes, more tablets, fewer PCs. Sales of the handheld devices are rising, while those of personal computers are falling.  And now you can explore the world's largest cruise ship, without any worries about seasickness. Google Street View has just added a virtual tour of Royal Carribean's Giant "Allure of the Seas."