Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes: Apple iWatch, GoPro Fetch

Re/code reports that Apple will unveil a new wearable device on Sept. 9, and many speculate that it will be the so-called iWatch. And GoPro wants to help you see the world from your dog's point of view. The company has launched "Fetch," a new harness that allows users to attach a video camera to their canines.

  • Tech Bytes: Cloud Gaming, Free iPhone Batteries

    Microsoft wants to improve your Cloud gaming experience. The software giant is working on a new technology, called Delorean, which it says can reduce lag time by predicting the player's next move. Apple is replacing some defective iPhone batteries for free. If you purchased your device between September 2012 and January 2013, then you may qualify

  • Tech Bytes: Sprint Low-cost Unlimited Plan, Swing Copters Game

    Trying to give itself a financial shot in the arm, Sprint has announced a new unlimited smartphone data plan that costs just $60 a month. And "Swing Copters" is the new game, from the same creator who brought us "Flappy Bird."

  • Tech Bytes: Vine Video Update, Perfect Selfie Tee

    Using Vine is about to get a lot easier. The video making app just released an update that lets users import video from their cameras.  Fashion designer Timur Kim says he's created the perfect t-shirt for a selfie. The graphics are headily concentrated around the neck and shoulders. 

  • Tech Bytes: Apple Stocks, "Uber" Delivery Service

    Apple is riding high. The tech giant's stock reached $100.53 a share yesterday. That's a record for the company, following a stock split in June. And "Uber" wants to transport more than just people. The car-hailing service is testing a new delivery feature that will deliver more than 100 items to your doorstep within minutes, with no tip expected.

  • Tech Bytes: Microsoft Woes, Chevy "Valet Mode"

    More broken windows for Microsoft. The software giant has pulled its August update for Windows after users reported crashes and that notorious "Blue Screen of Death." And soothing nervous owners who've shelled out six figures for their 2015 Corvette Stingrays. Chevy is boosting its "Valet Mode," a monitor that records when the car is in the hands of parking lot attendants.

  • Tech Bytes: Sprint Springs for Cheaper Plans, Starbucks Scavenger Hunt

    Sprint this week is announcing what is calls some "very disruptive" cheaper pricing plans. Its CEO says it's also going to be improving its network, and decreasing operational costs. Starbucks is bringing back the pumpkin spice latte. Some customers who participate in a Twitter scavenger hunt will be able to purchase the popular seasonal drink, starting next Tuesday. For everyone else, it's available September 2.

  • Tech Bytes: Twitter Policies, Tom Hanks Typewriter App

     Twitter is vowing to review and improve its policies after Robin Williams' daughter Zelda said she was abandoning the site, when disturbing images and attacks were posted in the wake of her father's suicide.  Tom Hanks is more than an Oscar winner. He's now an app developer. The actor has released "Hanx," which turns your iPad into an old typewriter.

  • Tech Bytes: Samsung "Alpha," Latest Michael Jackson Video

    Samsung's new metal framed smartphone "Alpha" will feature a 4.7 inch screen, a 12 mega pixel rear camera, and come in a choice of five colors. It is expected to launch next month. And the latest Michael Jackson video has just been released on Twitter. It's the first video to ever premiere on the social media site.