Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes: Apple Pay Launch, Audi Driveless Car

Some say today could be the beginning of the end for credit cards. "Apple Pay" launches today. The mobile payment service is available at 22,000 stores, including McDonald's and Macy's. After successfully testing its driveless car, Audi says its RS-7 performance car hit 140 miles an hour on a German track this weekend, controlled by computers.

  • Tech Bytes: Dropbox Denies Hack, Google Expands Shopping Express

    Dropbox denies reports that it has been hacked, and assures users that their material is safe. This comes after hundreds of usernames and passwords appeared to have been posted online. Google is turning up the head on Amazon by expanding its shopping express program. 

  • Tech Bytes: Apple iPhone Rollout, Netflix Ultra HD Plan

    Apple is in the midst of its fastest iPhone rollout ever. The company says its iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus will be available in more than 115 countries by year's end. Netflix is launching a premier ultra HD plan. For $12 a month users will now be able to stream 4K video on up to four devices.

  • Tech Bytes: Tesla "Auto Pilot," Snapchat Ads

    Electric luxury carmaker Tesla is unveiling new features to its $70,000 dollar Model S. The system, called "Auto Pilot" will move the car over a lane when the driver uses the turn signal. A big change is coming to SnapChat. The CEO of the popular video-sharing app has announced that users will begin seeing ads.

  • Tech Bytes: AT&T Refunds, New Apple iPads

    AT&T will pay $150 million - $80 million of that refunds - to settle charges of what's called "cramming" - billing for unauthorized services. Apple is expected to announce new iPads one week from today. Reports say they'll be faster, thinner, lighter and bigger.

  • Tech Bytes: Anonymity on Facebook, Gadgets for Good Sleep

    The New York Times says the social network is working on a mobile app that would allow pseudonyms. That would be a turnaround from current policy, but it might allow discussions about uncomfortable subjects. Meanwhile, there's a boom right now in gadgets to help you get a good night's sleep. They record your movements, your heart rate, your respiratory rate and more. 

  • Tech Bytes: "Red Box Instant" to Shut Down, Tesla Self-Driving Features

    "Red Box Instant" is coming to an end. The video streaming service, which was a joint venture between Verizon and Red Box, will shut down on Tuesday night. Tesla may be the latest automaker adding self-driving features. It reportedly is working on one that helps drivers stay in their lanes.

  • Tech Bytes: Massive JP Morgan Cyber Attack, Computer Programming for Kids

    Data from 76 million households and seven million small businesses was accessed, but while the JP Morgan says there's no evidence yet of fraud, here's how to protect yourself: keep a close eye on bank statements. Scratch junior is a free basic computer programming app designed specifically for children as young as five. 

  • Tech Bytes: Facebook Reconsiders Fake Names, Pepsi "True" on Amazon

    Facebook is apologizing to drag queens. The social network had deleted hundreds of accounts belonging to drag queens, transgender people and others because they weren't using their real names. Pepsi's new "True" soda will only be sold by one retailer - Amazon. The low-calorie cola is aimed at millennials, who often shop online.