Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes: Extra Wireless Bill Fees, Sprint Social Networking Plan

A Senate report says all four major wireless carriers are doing "cramming," adding fees from third-party companies. Experts say to check your bill carefully. And if all you do with your phone is social networking, Sprint has a $12 per month plan for you. For that price, you can connect to one of those services.

  • Tech Bytes: Bose vs. Beats, Hotel Reservations via Smartphone

    Audio equipment maker Bose is accusing Beats, which was recently purchased by Apple, of patent infringement over its noise cancelling technology. You'll soon be able to choose your hotel room using your smartphone. Hilton this week is announcing a new app that will also allow guests to open the doors to those rooms, using their phones.

  • Tech Bytes: Samsung High-Price TV, Pancake Printers

    If you are looking to have the most expensive TV on your block, then Samsung may have the answer. The company has begun taking pre-orders for its 105-inch ultra-definition set. It retails for $120,000. Alaska Airlines is getting lots of attention for its pancake printers. The devices look like common office printers, but they spit out fluffy pancakes on command.

  • Tech Bytes: Amazon Fire, Moto X Digital Tattoo

    Amazon is now selling its own smartphone. Among the Fire's unique features, it uses 3D to control some functions with head movements. Motorola has come up with a unique way to unlock your smartphone - with a sticker! Moto X users can wear a "digital tattoo," which allows them to unlock devices by simply tapping them against their bodies.

  • Tech Bytes: Apple iTime, "Battlefield Hardline" Delay

    Apple has been granted a patent for a new smartwatch that will likely be called iTime. It'll be able to sync up with computers, tablets, and smartphones, but may also be usable without another device. Electronic arts has some disappointing news for video game fans. One of its highly anticipated titles, "Battlefield Hardline," will not be released in time for the holiday shopping season.

  • Tech Bytes: Larger iPhone Screens, Facebook "Save" Feature

    The Wall Street Journal says Apple has ordered 70 to 80 million larger screens for the next version of its phone. That's significantly more than the initial order for the last iPhone.  Facebook has a new feature to help you keep up with your Newsfeed. "Save" lets you store links to places, events or media, so you can go back to them later. 

  • Tech Bytes: Facebook "Buy" Button, XBox vs. PlayStation

    Facebook is testing a new "Buy" button, which allows users to purchase items direct from the vendor. It is currently available for a select group of products. The battle of the video game consoles is heating up. Microsoft reports that XBox sales doubled last month, while Sony says the PlayStation 4 continues to be the number one selling game console.

  • Tech Bytes: Facebook "Mention" App, Toast Selfies

    Facebook has launched a new app, but it's not for everyone. "Mention" lets users know when a post mentions their name, and makes it easier to respond. But it is only available to those with "verified" celebrity accounts. And how would you like a "selfie" with your morning coffee? A new line of customized toasters from the Vermont Novelty Toast Corporation will imprint your favorite selfie every time you insert a slice of toast.

  • Tech Bytes: Microsoft Layoffs, Amazon Kindle Unlimited

    Several reports say as many as 12,000 employees will be laid off from Microsoft, maybe as early as today. The new Microsoft CEO has promised to make the company more efficient and competitive. Amazon is reportedly considering an all-you-can-read subscription service.