Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes: Reviews out For Galaxy S8, Nintendo Coming Back to Best Buy

Tech Bytes: Google Home Adds new Feature, Apple and Nike Partner to Create Smart Watch

Tech Bytes: Bose Headphones faces Lawsuit, Hotels Hacked

Tech Bytes: Facebook Unveils New Camera Features, Snapchat Going to Thee Dimensions

Tech Bytes: Netflix Near Milestone, Uber Drivers to Start Taking Tips

Tech Bytes: Google Offering Fashion Tips, Drones Helping to Protect Swimmers

Tech Bytes: Tesla to Unveil Semi Truck, Instagram Surpasses Snapchat

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Tech Bytes: Facebook Fake News Tool Up and Running, Apple Working on Secret Project

Samsung has come out with a new voice assistant, Bixby. Facebook now supports group payments. Users can now send or receive money between groups or People.

Tech Bytes: Samsung has an Answer to Siri, Facebook messenger has New Tool

Tech Bytes: Tesla Most Valuable Carmaker in the US, In-flight Cellphone Calls Halted

Tech Bytes: Ford Reveals new Crib, Jeep Unveils Powerful SUV

Tech Bytes: Facebook Attempting to Educate on Fake News, Amazon creating More Jobs
Facebook is attempting to educate users about fake news. Amazon is adding 30,000 part-time jobs in the US this year.

Tech Bytes: Amazon Entering Space Race, Youtube TV is up and Running
Amazon chief Jeff Bezos says he is selling about one billion dollars in company stock a year to finance his blue origin rocket company. Youtube TV is up and running in several cities across the country.


Tech Bytes: Amazon Teams up with NFL, New App Catches Phone Hackers

Tech Bytes: Yahoo and AOL Combining Divisions, Neflix Moves Offline with PC

Tech Bytes: Twitter Gets rid of Egg Avatar, Alexa and Siri are coming to hotel rooms

Tech Bytes: Space-X launches Recycled Rocket, Samsung Unveils New Movie Screen

Samsung has come out with a new phone, the S-8. Uber is out with a new list of weirdest items left behind in its cars.
Tech Bytes: Samsung Comes out with New Phone, Uber has List of Weirdest Items
There is now a PC version of the app Tinder.
Tech Bytes: Amazon Introduces Grocery Pickup option, Tinder now Available on PC
Operating system 10.3 is now available for Apple devices. Facebook is releasing a new feature allowing users to share their location for up to an hour.
Tech Bytes: New Operating System Available, Facebook Releasing New Location Feature
A car accident involving and Uber driverless car has taken all driverless cars off the road for the duration of the investigation. According to a new report, robots could take over more than 38% of US jobs in about 15 years.
Tech Bytes: Uber taking a Time-Out, Robots Taking Jobs Fast
Tech Bytes: Websites Fight for Gridiron Rights, Twitter might offer Premium Version of Site
Facebook Live is now letting you stream on desktop and laptop computers. New emojis are being released in June. Some new releases include a mermaid, t-rex and chopsticks.
Tech Bytes: Facebook Live is Branching Out, New Emojis are being Released
Tech Bytes: iPhone releases new products, Google Maps has New Parking Feature
Instagram users will now be allowed to save live videos to their phone. Chuck Berry's
Tech Bytes: Instagram Begins to Allow Users to Save Videos, Chuck Berry is Topping the Charts
New details have been released for the Samsung Galaxy S-8. The phone will be priced between $850 and $950. Netflix is testing a button that lets users skip a show's title sequence.

Tech Bytes: Samsung Galaxy S-8 Details Revealed, New Feature on Netflix

Tech Bytes: Netflix phasing out Stars, Google Doodle Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Tech Bytes: Tesla Looking to finance launch of sedan, Mcdonalds Testing New Ordering System

Tech Bytes: I-pad to Have Larger Screen, Facebook CEO Takes on Nascar

Tech Bytes: Pandora Premium is released, Dating App "Tinder" crashes

Tech Bytes: Twitter is Being Invaded by Bots, A Smart Jacket is Set to Come Out this Fall

Tech Bytes: 'Tinder' for the Elite Only, Uber's Relationship with California Regulators

Tech Bytes: High-Tech "Do Not Disturb" Signs, New Cars without Pedals

Tech Bytes: Facebook "Disputed News" Tag Goes Live, Use of Apple Devices in schools

Tech Bytes: Nintendo Switch Goes on Sale, Pizza Hut Creates Pizza Sneaker

Tech Bytes: Twitter Crackdown on Harassment, Snapchat's Public Trading

Tech Bytes: Amazon Cloud Outage, President Trump Sets Social Media Record

Tech Bytes: Amazon's "Alexa" Becoming Smarter, YouTube Hitting Big Numbers

Study Finds Samsung's S8 Phones More Prone to Screen Cracks
Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
United Changes Policy, Crew Can't Displace Seated Passengers
Duluth East Daredevils Gearing Up for Robotics World Championships
Community Leaders, Survivors Speaking Out to Raise Awareness of Sexual Assault
Dallas Police Responding to Possible Active Shooter
Dallas Police Responding to Possible Active Shooter
Walker Says He Has 'No Interest' in Higher Vehicle Fees
Gov. Scott Walker says he's open to raising Wisconsin's vehicle registration fees to pay for road work.
Officials: 'Happy Days' Star Moran Likely Died from Cancer

Burt Reynolds Makes Rare Public Appearance

'The Fate of the Furious' Laps New Films at Box Office

Judge Blocks Sound Engineer's Release of Prince EP

Governor Declares Friday as 'Prince Day' Across Minnesota

O'Reilly Out at Fox News Channel

U of M Renames Journalism School After Hubbard Broadcasting Family

Intruder Inside Drake's Home Only Raided Rapper's Fridge

Painkiller Prescribed for Prince in Another Name

Deals Ensure Cash Keeps Flowing to Unsettled Prince Estate