Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes: Amazon "Prime Now" Service, Netlix Nixes Offline Viewing

Amazon has a new delivery program for when "same day" isn't fast enough. "Prime now" offers one or two hour delivery on tens of thousands of items. Netflix is saying "no" to offline viewing.

  • Tech Bytes: Google's Top Search Terms, Skype Goes Multi-Lingual

    Google has released its list of the top search terms of 2014. Robin Williams came in at number one. Skype's new "Translator Project" allows people to video conference in different languages. The first version translates English and Spanish.

  • Tech Bytes: Top Google Play Apps, Facebook "Unlike" Button

    Google Play Store's top apps included Duo-Lingo, Flip-a-Gram, and My Fitness Pal. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says he knows many users feel uncomfortable hitting the "Like" button when someone posts unhappy news, but he doesn't think a "Dislike" button is the answer.

  • Tech Bytes: Facebook Time Travel, T-Mobile Slashes Prices

    Facebook has unveiled a new feature which allows users to enter a keyword to locate old posts, photos and videos, and the ongoing wireless wars are heating up with an attractive new offer. 

  • Tech Bytes: Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft Twelve Days of Christmas

    Samsung wants to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality gaming system. The Gear VR is a large headset that connects to the Galaxy Note 4, giving users a 360 degree experience. Microsoft has kicked off its annual Twelve Days of Deals event.

  • Tech Bytes: Position-Shifting iPhones, Spotify Special Offer

    Apple has patented new technology that would allow falling iPhones to shift their positions in mid-air to reduce impact, like a cat! Spotify wants to make your holidays more festive. New subscribers can try out the premium music-streaming service for the next three months for just one dollar.

  • Tech Bytes: Starbucks Mobile App, Smartphones and Relationships

    Starbucks is making it even easier to get your caffeine fix, and your smartphone may be hurting your relationship. A study finds that nearly three-fourths of the women in committed relationships complain their men check their phones or even send texts when they should be paying attention to them! 

  • Tech Bytes: Yahoo's Most Wanted, Google Gets Rid of "Captcha"

    Yahoo has released its list of the most wanted tech gadgets of the year. And Google is doing away with "Captcha." What's that you ask? You've seen them before. Those annoying barely legible words and letters than some sites force you to type. 

  • Tech Bytes: Sprint Chops Monthly Rates, Laundry Robot

    Sprint wants to cut your monthly cell phone bill in half. A new promotion offers AT&T and Verizon customers the chance to pay 50 percent less for a comparable Sprint Plan. And it's the ultimate in home help! A robot able to gather your dirty clothes, wash them, fold them, and put them away!