Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes: Apple Sales Record, Chromebook Android Apps

Apple sold four million iPhone 6's in 24 hours. That's double the pre-orders for the last model two years ago. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't have that many ready to ship. Google released the first Android Apps for Chromebook. They include the video sharing app "Vine," the productivity app "Evernote" and the kids learning app "Sight Words."

  • Tech Bytes: Gmail Hacked, Facebook Self-Destruct Feature

    Information about nearly five million Gmail addresses is now posted on a Russian Hackers forum. However, many of the passwords appear to be outdated.  Facebook is trying out a new self-destruct feature, which allows users to post items for the short period of time, ranging from one hour to one week.

  • Tech Bytes: Apple Watch, iPhone 6

    Apple is entering the "wearables" market. The Apple watch - due next year - is getting much more attention than the new iPhones. Both of the iPhone 6 models go on sale much sooner - next week. They're both bigger than earlier iPhones, and they're also faster and thinner, with improved cameras. 

  • Tech Bytes: Apple's Latest Product, Amazon "Fire" Phone Deal

    We expect to hear from Apple about a smartwatch and new iPhone models. As many as 35 million iPhone users are overdue for upgrades. Amazon is cutting the price of its "Fire" phone from $200 to 99 cents. That requires a two-year contract with AT&T, but Amazon still throws in a year of its Amazon Prime shipping and streaming service.

  • Tech Bytes: Netflix Short Features, Google Glass for Everyone

    Netflix may add short features - two to five minutes - to increase its mobile market, and now anyone can get Google Glass. The internet-connected eyeglass frames are now on sale in the Google Play store. 

  • Tech Bytes: iCloud Security, Motorola Smartwatch

    Apple is going to make it harder to hack into iCloud accounts. The Wall Street Journal says it's now sending special alerts when someone tries to restore date from iCloud. Motorola's highly anticipated new smartwatch, the Moto 360, pairs wirelessly with an Android smartphone, allowing it to receive all sorts of notifications.

  • Tech Bytes: Samsung Phablet, Apple's Mystery Product

    Samsung unveiled a brand new phablet design called the Galaxy Note Edge. It features a unique curved display that slopes down on the right side, and acts independently from the main screen. And there are already people waiting in line outside apple's flagship store in New York, waiting to buy whatever it is Apple announces next Tuesday.

  • Tech Bytes: iCloud Technical Glitch, Netflix Sharing

    Apple says the iCloud celebrity hacks were not the result of a technical glitch. The computer giant says the hackers instead figured out the usernames and passwords, and urges everyone to use stronger passwords. Netflix is making it easier for subscribers to share recommendations with friends. Users of the popular video-streaming service will now be able to select which of their Facebook friends can see what they're watching.

  • Tech Bytes: Apple Eliminates Hackers, Flickr Catalog

    Apple has fixed a bug that could have enabled hackers to gain access to iCloud accounts. The fix comes just hours after hackers leaked nude photos of celebrities. The internet archives is creating a massive Flickr catalog, featuring photos that have been published over the past 500 years.