Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes: Smartphone Virtual Keyboard Apps, Bella Beat Shell Monitors Heartbeat

If you don't like the virtual keyboard on your smartphone, you can change it. "There's an app for that." Many of them, in fact, says the Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern. And the Bella Beat Shell lets expectant mothers record and visualize an unborn baby's heartbeat. The app can also share the recordings with others, like the grandmothers-in-waiting.

  • Tech Bytes: Apple Pulls iOS 8 Update, Blackberry's New Smartphone

    After reportedly receiving many complaints, Apple has pulled the update to iOS 8 just hours after it was released. And the Blackberry is hoping to make a comeback with a brand new smartphone. The "Passport" is geared toward power professionals, with its combination of large square touch-screen and physical keyboard.

  • Tech Bytes: Apple's Flexible Phone, FIFA 15 Demo Hits Big

    And the FIFA 15 demo was played an incredible five-and-a-half million times - the most ever for a demo by this publisher. The new iPhone 6's can be bent, as seen in this video by "Unbox Therapy." Some owners say their phones have been warped just by being in their pockets.

  • Tech Bytes: Sony Playstation TV, Hulu Original Programming

    Sony's Playstation TV goes on sale here the middle of next month. The set-top box allows users to download games as well as rent or buy movies and television shows. Hulu is joining other video streaming services, ordering original programming from some heavy-hitters. 

  • Tech Bytes: Apple has Big Weekend, Oktoberfest App

    There were lines all weekend at some Apple stores, waiting to pick up the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Estimates vary on just how many were sold, but the online pre-orders set a record. And if you want to get the most out of an Oktoberfest, well, there's an app for that. It will tell you which beer tents have the shortest lines, and the cheapest beer.

  • Tech Bytes: Apple Smartphone Launch, Samsung Galaxy Note 4

     It's launch day for Apple's two new smartphones. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+ both feature a new curved aluminum exterior, a retina HD display, and a fingerprint scanner. And not to be outdone, Samsung begins taking pre-orders today for the Galaxy Note 4. 

  • Tech Bytes: Apple iOS Glitch, T-Mobile Personal Cell Spot

    A glitch in Apple's brand new mobile operating system prevented the inclusion of the highly-touted health and fitness apps. Apple says that should be fixed later this month. T-Mobile has a new solution for those who struggle with dead spots. "Personal Cell Spot" is a router that lets users make WiFi calls in areas where the carrier's reception is spotty.

  • Tech Bytes: Free Apple Upgrade, Social Network for the Rich

    Apple's mobile users get a free upgrade today. The company says iOS 8 for iPhones and iPads is its biggest software update ever, with many new features and functions. And there is an exclusive new social network for the rich and famous. "Netropolitan" is aimed at those who want to talk about the finer things in life without fear of backlash from "lesser mortals."

  • Tech Bytes: Apple Sales Record, Chromebook Android Apps

    Apple sold four million iPhone 6's in 24 hours. That's double the pre-orders for the last model two years ago. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't have that many ready to ship. Google released the first Android Apps for Chromebook. They include the video sharing app "Vine," the productivity app "Evernote" and the kids learning app "Sight Words."