Midwest News

A man who had been missing after a boat crash on the St. Croix River has been found alive.

Missing St. Croix River Boater Found Alive

Illinois Teen Killed at Track Meet Hammer-Throw Event

Student from Nepal Drowns in South Dakota Park

Official: Nebraska 3-Year-Old Died after Car Window Closed on Neck

Southern Minn. Man Who Fell into Pile of Burning Leaves Dies

Minnesota Farmers Begin Planting under Optimal Weather

Wis. Beverage Company Workers Accused of Stealing Company's Booze

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Wisconsin Tribes Clash in Casino Expansion Fight

Prosecution Asks Appeals Court not to Move Yanez's Trial

UW Instructors Apologize for Border Wall Exam Question

Medical Examiner: Probable Opioid Overdose Killed Wis. 4-Year-Old

GOP Leaders Agree to Close Indiana Cold Beer Loophole

Inmate Bites Caseworker, Punches Guards at Nebraska Prison
19 Minn. Dairy Farms Affected by US-Canada Trade Dispute
Jakubowski Faces More Gun Charges
A Minneapolis city council committee wants stricter penalties for a liquor store that began Sunday liquor sales ahead of a state law taking effect.
Minneapolis Committee Rejects Settlement for Liquor Sales Violator
Judge Blocks Sound Engineer's Release of Prince EP
Nebraska Beer Stores near Reservation Lose Liquor Licenses
Man Brandishing Weapons in Video Will Not Face Charges
Illinois Road Project Stung by Judge's Endangered-Bee Ruling
The United States issued 271 sanctions agains Syria. Largest sanction in U.S. history.

US Sanctions 271 in Syrian Chemical Attack

Dallas Police Responding to Possible Active Shooter

AP: Trump Has Achieved 10 of 38 Promises

Confederate Monument in New Orleans Taken Down

Forestry Official: Georgia Fire Could Burn 6 Months

Whitson Topples Williams for Space Record

US General Suggests Russia Arming Taliban

Second Person Arrested in Swedish Truck Attacks

North Korea Detains US Citizen

Macron, Le Pen Advance in French Presidential Election

Yemeni Officials: Suspected US Strike Kills 3 al-Qaida Operatives

US Carrier Heading for Korea Trains with Japanese Destroyers

Trudeau Says He'll Stand Up for Canada in Milk Dispute

Ontario Police Arrest 100 Men in Child Prostitution Case

George HW Bush to Stay in Hospital Through Weekend

Proposal Would Allow Homemade Baked Goods Sales in Wisconsin
A bill circulating the Wisconsin Capitol would allow people to sell homemade baked goods for profit.
Dayton Wants Preservation Agency Moved to Administration
Gov. Mark Dayton is pushing for a change in oversight for the state's preservation agency.
Wisconsin Sees First Carfentanil Death
Minnesota's Dental Therapist Experiment Seems to be Working
Study Finds Samsung's S8 Phones More Prone to Screen Cracks
Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
United Changes Policy, Crew Can't Displace Seated Passengers

Midwest News

Indiana Utility Reopens Water Plant Following US Steel Spill

Officials: Jakubowski Left Fake Bomb

Possible New Evidence in Killing of Central Minn. Hunter

Canada: Trump is Wrong When He Says Dairy Practices Unfair

Trump Promises to Find Solution for Wis. Dairy Farmers

Wisconsin Sees First Carfentanil Death


Superior Mayor Demands City Councilor's Resignation or Removal

Proposal Would Allow Homemade Baked Goods Sales in Wisconsin
A bill circulating the Wisconsin Capitol would allow people to sell homemade baked goods for profit.

Walker Says He Has 'No Interest' in Higher Vehicle Fees
Gov. Scott Walker says he's open to raising Wisconsin's vehicle registration fees to pay for road work.

Police: Carbon Monoxide Likely Killed 3 on LCO Reservation

March of Dimes Walks Help Families with Premature Babies

Study Shows How Chronic Wasting Disease Spreads in Wisconsin

Clean Water Advocates Trickle in to State Capitol

Moose Population Explodes on Isle Royale as Wolves Decline

Bayfield Co. to Get Grouse from NW Minnesota

Wis. Outdoor Lovers Concerned about Sand Mines, Large Farms

Gov. Dayton to Open Bass Season at Mille Lacs