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U of M March Starwatch: Planet Shows Morning and Night

After a long winter, March makes up for it with the spring equinox and planet shows in both the morning and evening skies.

This NOAA MODIS image, processed by the UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center, shows the ice-covered Great Lakes on Thursday.
  • Most of Great Lakes Frozen for Second Straight Year
  • Feds Formally Restore Protected Status for Great Lakes Wolves
  • DNR Wildlife Manager Weighs in on Minnesota Moose Decline
  • 8th Annual Ikidarod Up the North Shore

Top Stories

  • City of Thunder Bay Pursues Court Action over Closed Bridge

    The City of Thunder Bay says it will pursue court action over the closure of a bridge that had linked the city to the Fort William First Nation.  The James Street Swing Bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic since a fire in late 2013.

  • Special Report: Dupre Alone to the Top

    Mt. McKinley in Alaska is North America's largest mountain. Although some folks have climbed a top the peak also known as Denali in the summer, no one has ever made a successful wintertime trek. But that all changed in January when Grand Marais' own Lonnie Dupre stood on top of the clouds all by himself. 

  • Canadian Court Approves Target to Begin Liquidating

    The U.S.-based retailer announced last month that it would close all 133 of its Canadian stores and lay off more than 17,000 staff, just two years after it began opening stores in Canada.  One of the stores is located in Thunder Bay's Intercity Mall.

  • Obama Budget Includes $39M for Lake Superior Harbors, Soo Locks

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would spend more than $39 million on the Soo Locks and Lake Superior harbor projects, including more than $6 million in the Twin Ports, under President Barack Obama's proposed 2016 budget.

  • Obama Seeks $50 Million Cut in Great Lakes Restoration Effort

    President Barack Obama's proposed budget for 2016 seeks a $50 million cut in a multi-year program to clean up the Great Lakes.

  • Special Report: A Dog's Life

    Mushers often get the most recognition for winning sled dog marathons like the Northland's John Beargrease, but as many of them will tell you, the dogs are the real athletes.