• Chimerix Gets US OK to Test Drug for Ebola
  • Duluth Hospitals Say They're Prepared if Ebola Were to Come to the Northland
  • US Officials Defend Ebola Response; Nurse Moved
  • U of M Knocks Down Claim that Ebola is Airborne

  • How Minnesota Would Handle Ebola if Case Diagnosed in the State

    If a case of Ebola were to be diagnosed in Minnesota, Kris Ehresman, the director for infectious disease with the Minnesota Department of Health, would be one of the first people to know. Her lab at the department would do the testing along with the Centers for Disease Control.

  • MNsure Races to Ready Exchange for Open Enrollment

    Officials racing to ready Minnesota's health insurance exchange for open enrollment next month say there are risks ahead but they expect consumers will have a better experience than last year.

  • CDC Acknowledges It Could have Done More on Ebola

    The nation's top-disease fighting agency acknowledged Tuesday that an American nurse might not have been infected with Ebola if a special response team had been sent to Dallas immediately after a Liberian man there was diagnosed with Ebola.

  • Walker Says Wisconsin Has Plans for Ebola

    Gov. Scott Walker says he gets weekly updates from the state health department about what would happen if someone tests positive for Ebola in Wisconsin.

  • Health Worker 2nd in United States to Test Positive for Ebola

    A Texas health care worker tested positive for Ebola even though she wore full protective gear while caring for a hospitalized patient who later died from the virus, health officials said Sunday. If the preliminary diagnosis is confirmed, it would be the first known case of the disease being contracted or transmitted in the U.S.

  • New Once-a-Day Pill for Hep C Wins FDA Approval

    Federal health officials have approved a daily pill that can cure the most common form of hepatitis C without the grueling pill-and-injection cocktail long used to treat the virus.

  • AP/CDC File Minnesota Officials Confident in Ebola Prevention

    Minnesota health and safety officials said Thursday there are not any suspected cases of Ebola in the state, nor are they aware of anyone who has been in direct physical contact with someone who is infected, and they're taking precautions to keep it that way.