• Wake Up With McDonald's

    You know mornings are a little brighter with Good Morning Northland. But now we want to make them even brighter with breakfast and McCafe Coffee from McDonald's. Register to win. Click here for a list of Wake Up Contest winners.

WDIO-DT/WIRT-DT Contest Winners

Disney Junior Live! On Tour Pirates and Princesses

Patricia Kurtz, Superior
Jackie Carpenter, Goodland
Amanda Smith, Two Harbors
Kim Oppelt, Duluth
Jacquelyn Ninefeldt, Barnum


Security Jewelers Watch & Win

Men's Gucci Watch: Kristin Connell, Bayfield
Women's Gucci Watch: E. Westbrook, Duluth

$250 gift cards: Connie Huhta, Cloquet; Tim Hughes, Grand Rapids; Jan Barker, Duluth

GMN Celebrating with S'mores DQ Blizzard Treats-Facebook

Allison Tammy, Amanda Patzer, April Joy, April Rautio, Becca Krause, Brenda Hallfrisch, Candi Feiro, Cheri Fredericks, Dale Jacobson, Daniel Rice, Dean Linder, Debbie Jespersen, Diane Walters, Dolores Meidl, Elyzabeth Ohman, Gloria Hughes, Hope Christianson, Jackie Habermann, Jean Gerlach, Jeff Oliver, Jenean Nelson, Joey Lopac, Karen Olson, Karen Amistadi, Kyle Rahikainen, Linda Primley, Lola Haus, Lori Allan, Marc Roberts, Mary Duff, Mary Sweeney, Melanie Johnson, Nancy Cozzi, Nancy Grimm, Patricia Mikrot, Peggy Hellyer, Randi Derick, Randolph DeDeyne, Rex Cole, Samantha Summers, Scott Shoberg, Shari Hubert, Sheila Olson, Sonja Carlson, Steven Tervo, Tina Peterson, Tom Mikrot, Trista Anderson, William Stensby Jr., Trent Wickman

Discover the Dinosaurs

James Carlson, Cloquet
Brandy Beckwell, Superior
Vanessa Johnson, South Range
Sandra Fronden, Duluth


Celtic Woman Ticket Giveaway

Diane Klepatz, Duluth


Harlem Globetrotters Ticket Giveaway

Jeri Hanson, Bovey
Heather Wagner, Brookston