Photo Gallery

Rushing water at Swinging Bridge, Jay Cooke State Park, March 21

Gallery: Spring Arrives 2016

Spring officially arrives on March 21, but we think that March 1 is a good place to change the season. Yes, we'll need to use a shovel again, and we'll wear our boots. It is the Northland after all. If you have any photos you would like to share, please email or share them on Instagram using @wdiowirt.

  • Fresh Snow on the Laurentian Divide Gallery: Winter Wonderland 2015/16

    The beauty of winter across Minnesota, Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. From December 21 through whenever winter says goodbye, Eyewitness News will share pictures taken by viewers. Send your pictures to or share them on Instagram using @wdiowirt.  

  • Renee Passal and son Weston with their snowman Snowmen Across the Northland 2015

    The StormTeam Weather Department put out a call for pictures of snowmen, snowladies, snow kids and snow animals. These are photos from viewers across the Northland.

  • First Snow in Ashland Gallery: Autumn Splendor 2015

    Fall in the Northland. Whether it is fast or slow, the yellows, oranges and reds can be breathtaking. Eyewitness News is sharing pictures taken by viewers from across the Northland. Send your pictures to

  • Gallery: 2016 StormTeam Calendar Contest Entries

    In the fall, WDIO/WIRT asked for pictures from viewers for the 2016 StormTeam Weather Calendar. We were looking for the best depiction of our beautiful seasons in the Northland. Many of the photos sent in were included in this Photo Gallery.