• Bachmann Backs Emmer to Succeed Her in Congress
  • Donations up 'Significantly' During March FoodShare Campaign
  • Balloon Launch Canceled Following Eco Criticism
  • UW System Finished March with $1.7 Billion

  • Spirit Mountain Now Closed for Season

    This bitter cold winter caused the hill to close a few times for dangerous temperatures, but the longer snowy conditions also allowed them to extend the season.

  • Police: 1 Hurt in Iowa State Crowd Disturbance

    Ames police say 1 person has been seriously injured after a rowdy crowd disturbance near the Iowa State University campus in which people overturned cars and toppled light poles. Police Cmdr. Geoff Huff says in a statement on the agency's Facebook page that the crowd massed late Tuesday in the Campustown area and threw beer cans at officers after overturning two cars.

  • Duluth Delegation Meets with FAA Officials

    A delegation of Duluth leaders met with top Federal Aviation Administration officials in Washington Tuesday.

  • Puppeteers Needed for Smelt Parade

    Organizers of the third annual "Run Smelt Run Parade" held the first in a series of workshops Tuesday night to help people create puppets, masks, and costumes for the unique event.