Up North

Mission Covenant Church; Hunting Expo

It's a yearly event that caters to all forms of the outdoors, and helps local hunters learn new tricks and properly prepare for the upcoming season.

  • Spreading Healthier Lifestyle Awareness at Cloquet River Run
  • Outdoor Camp for Kids
  • The 19th Northshore Inline Marathon
  • A New Look to the Minnesota Mile

  • The Brewhouse Triathlon

    A triathlon involves swimming, biking and running which is a growing tradition in the Northland, as we explore the 28th Annual Brewhouse Triathlon.

  • Over Fifty Years of Lumberjack Competition

    Another year of the Lumberjack World Championships took place in Hayward Wisconsin. Get an inside look at some of the of the events and hear from some of the local competitors.

  • Double Gun Side X Side Classic

    There are three events,12 stations and over 19,000 targets that the shooters go through over a three-day stretch.

  • Clowning Around at the Rodeo

    In this weeks Up North we head to the Spooner Rodeo to see some of the best barrel racers and steer wrestlers in the country and see the entertaining antics of a rodeo clown.

  • Ultimate Frisbee Growing at Park Point

    Through the combination of football, soccer basketball and a disk the game of Ultimate Frisbee was born and every Tuesday night players gather at Park Point to play.

  • Rolling Ruts

    Near Duluth, a hay field was converted into a golf course by the property owners.