Up North

Pro rider Bobby Menne

High Speed Bobby Menne

Bobby Menne, a professional rider with 131 Racing near Virginia competes with the USXC Cross Country Circuit. He races his sled across some of the most rough terrians and for up to 500 miles in some races.

  • The Rock On Rock Climbing Challenge
  • The Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic on Lake Superior
  • Crashed Ice Tryouts
  • Underthun Auto Body Bowling Challenge

  • Taking Advantage of Early Winter Snow

     Recent snowfall and cooler temps had made winter seem like a harsh reality for some while others are taking full advantage of it.

  • Superior Shooters Supply

    According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) the total number of deer registered following the opening weekend is down about 30,000 from last year. With the Wisconsin opener next weekend, hunters from both states are still going after their bucks.

  • Sight in For Deer Season

    Before you head out Saturday morning for the Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener, don't forget to sight in your rifle, and here is a good place to do it.

  • Two Harbors and the Look Up Line

    It is a new concept to the midwest, but has caught on quick on the east coast. It's a warning track around the ice called the look up line, and the Lake County Arena rink in Two Harbors is giving it a go.

  • Mission Covenant Church; Hunting Expo

    It's a yearly event that caters to all forms of the outdoors, and helps local hunters learn new tricks and properly prepare for the upcoming season.

  • Hillman's Moment

    Health conditions prevent Billy Hillman to play football for the Greyhounds but that doesn't stop him from being part of the team, and the team helped him have his moment under the lights.

  • The Heck of the North

    It is a bike ride in it's sixth year that takes its riders through some of the most scenic trails Northern Minnesota has to offer.

  • Spreading Healthier Lifestyle Awareness at Cloquet River Run

    After seven years, the Cloquet River Run is a growing event that not only raises money for the students of Churchill Elementary, but also raises awareness for healthier lifestyles.

  • Outdoor Camp for Kids

    "They get a few minutes of camp experience, just living in a cabin and learning. That is so different then being at school," says Jeff Lorenz, the owner of the Swift Nature Camp.

  • The 19th Northshore Inline Marathon

    It's the largest inline marathon in the country and it brings in some of the best and most creative from across the world.

  • A New Look to the Minnesota Mile

    Duluth will host several running events most notably Grandma's Marathon. This summer Duluth was the 6th and final race in the Bring Back the Mile Grand Prix Tour.

  • Miracle Rodeo in Superior

    Labor Day Weekend caps off the summer for many and the Superior Rodeo capped off another successful year over the holiday weekend.

  • Delta Waterfowl Banquet

    The Waterfowl season opener is still a month away the Delta Waterfowl organization of Northern Minnesota is helping spread the excitement of the sport with kids to build for the future.  

  • Watercross at Barker's Island

    In this weeks Up North we head to Barker's Island where you will find more then boats skipping across the water.