Up North

Foot Golf, When Soccer and Golf Meet

Soccer and Golf are two popular summer activities, and now they have combine to form a hybrid sport that is growing in popularity across the country. 

  • Trap Shooting, One of Minnesota's Fastest Growing High School Sports
  • Fishing and a 5K Inflatable Run
  • The Summer Race Season is Here
  • The Northland Roller Derby

  • Spring Mountain Biking

    Remember to get your bike a tune up before taking to the trails for the Summer season. While one organization says the trails aren't quite ready just yet, despite the warmer weather.  

  • Early Spring, Means Early Golf

    Spring has sprung early in the Northland, the Lakewalk has been a popular destination, while snow lover are getting their final rounds in at local ski hills. Driving ranges, even Northern Pines golf course near Iron River, Wisconsin has taken advantage of the early spring weather.

  • Ice Cross Downhill Skating

    It's a sport that draws in many that love hockey, but there are no pucks, slap shots, or goalies. It's called Ice Cross Downhill skating and it's growing in popularity.

  • School Work While Ice Fishing

    After receiving a STEM grant from the state of Minnesota, St. James Middle School added learning how to ice fish to the life science curriculum.

  • Pro rider Bobby Menne High Speed Bobby Menne

    Bobby Menne, a professional rider with 131 Racing near Virginia competes with the USXC Cross Country Circuit. He races his sled across some of the most rough terrians and for up to 500 miles in some races.

  • Curling for Team USA

    Many go curling for fun, while a lucky few still do it for fun, but also represent the USA half way across the world in the process. Meet a few Northlanders that are competing in the World Junior Curling Championships in Estonia.

  • Anglers Take to Island Lake Near Duluth for the Big Jig

    Hundreds of fishing anglers took to Island Lake just outside of Duluth for the 15th year of the "Big Jig" ice fishing tournament with a chance to win $4,000 and raise money for athletic scholarships for student athletes at UMD.

  • The Rock On Rock Climbing Challenge

    The Marcovich Wellness Center on the campus of UWS hosted it's 11th annual Rock On, Rock Climbing competition as part of the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series (WISC). Climbers from Minnesota schools also took part in the competition.

  • The Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic on Lake Superior

    The Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic is one of the top pond hockey tournaments in the area and for one local team, they have been playing on the ponds all their lives.

  • Crashed Ice Tryouts

    It's one of the fastest growing extreme sports world wide. The concept is easy. Whoever makes it down the course the fastest wins. It's the slopes, jumps and steep turns while gliding on ice that makes these skaters adrenaline seekers.

  • Underthun Auto Body Bowling Challenge

    Hundreds of bowlers from all over the country and parts of Canada came to Country Lanes in Duluth to crash the lanes for strikes, but in one division the lanes were a bit slick, altering the house shot.

  • KCPRO East Ice Racing

    These speed demons between the ages of 4 and 14 came to Pike Lake from all over Minnesota and even parts of Canada for the start of another ice racing season.

  • A Ski Camp at Spirit Mountain

    When most kids go to camp it's not in the middle of winter learning the basics of handling the slops at spirit mountain. Kids ages five to sixteen spent four days on the hill learning how to become better skiiers.

  • Past Prime, but Love the Game

    Eventually we are all told we can't play anymore, it's just a matter of when, but for one Duluth hockey league, these guys have a deep love for the game, and aren't ready to hang up the skates anytime soon.